Crystal Staffing Services Ltd works in partnership with our clients to promote empowerment and choice in the care that we deliver.

Temporary Staffing

Crystal Staffing Services offers a wide range of services in nursing, long term support and emergency placements, and personal care packages. These can be very flexible and range from a few hours a week to providing 24/7 care.

Hire a Nurse/SW/HCA

Do you need a Nurse, Support Worker or Healthcare Assistant? Crystal Staffing can help you get cover for that shift(s). Please fill below  short form and we will get back to you soonest.

Looking for a Job?

Crystal Staffing Services is looking for talented Nurses, Support Workers  and Health Care Assistants like you to join our amiable team. If your looking for a great place to work with flexible hours, Crystal Staffing is the great place for you.

Book A Nurse/Support Worker or HCA Now!

If you require a Nurse, Support Worker or health care assistant for nursing homes, hospitals, NHS CCG’s and public or privately funded Domiciliary Care, feel free to book a Nurse/SW/HCA online now!


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